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Aur J Beck flew back into the United States and was driving two plus hours to speak at a Sierra Club sponsered event in Febuary of 2006 when he decided to get serious about his idea of being an oil addict. For years he had thought of himself as an oil addict and wished there were others who could start some kind of club. During that drive and listening to the radio personalitys talking about how the president of the United States had said America is addicted to oil, he thought there should be a program for that.

Thus at the conference he asked the first group of people to raise there left hand and put the right hand over there heart and repeat, " I (state your name) am an oil addict". Of course a bunch of smart alecs actually said that sentence instead of inserting there name but it was a younger college audience. Actually there are always a few who do that.

Oil Addicts Anonymous International thus was started in the spring of 2006 as a collaboration between Advanced Energy Solutions (a renewable energy company) and the Southern Illinois Center for a Sustainable Future.

The basic website was built www.IamanOilAddict.org where just by typing in the address you are admitting that you are an oil addict, which is the first step.

Traveling around the country speaking about our needs, our addictions took up most of the next year. Change a Thought Process, Change the World.

In November 2006 Mr. Beck got picked to be one of the 1000 worldwide trainees of Al Gore and the Climate Project and in January of 2007 was trained. He was picked in part because of his promotion of Oil Addicts Anonymous International.

In January 2007 a Myspace group was formed to further spread the word.


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