Jar Poppin’ Blues

Jar Poppin’ Blues
by: Jon Worley

Oh the pressure is high
And the kitchen is hot
Gotta swat at the flies
Gotta keep ’em off the pot

Got sweat in my eyes
Got a burn on my hand
Got the secret recipe
For Mama’s blackberry jam

Oh we work in the yard
Wrist-deep in the soil
Now it ain’t too hard
Just gotta let ’em boil

Let ’em sit all night
’til they rise to the top
Oh what a delight
When I hear that POP

Gather up for suppertime
Grab the corn and the beans
Grab the fruit off the vine
Gotta live within our means

Well the summer was hard
I wore holes in my shoes
But at least I got
These ol’ jar poppin’ blues