Why Do Business with AES?

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History of Advanced Energy Solutions Group, Inc.

"We Empower YOU to Get Energized!"

Advanced Energy Solutions is the experienced, professional and full service solar and wind installer that you are looking for. You can trust that your power system from Advanced Energy Solutions will consist of the latest and greatest technology and will be installed in a professional and timely manner.

Here's what Advanced Energy Solutions can offer you:

  • Solar and Wind Generated Electricity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Utility-Tied/Net Metered or Off-Grid Systems
  • System Design
  • System and Component Sales
  • Installation
  • On-site Consulting and Electric Load Analysis
  • Follow-up on Technical Assistance and Service
  • Training from Basic to Advanced hands installation
  • Training Programs-designing & installing hands on training labs
  • Advanced Energy Solutions has been installing solar and wind power systems since 1999. The company is a full service renewable energy system dealer, installer and service provider. We provide training, consulting, system design, service and installation for energy efficiency, wind and solar electric systems. Advanced Energy Solution’s projects include new construction and retrofit projects for residential, commercial and institutional customers in the United States and worldwide primarily focusing on the midwest. Our installers have tremendous experience in the field of renewables and have installed many systems in the last 11 years, with many more in process.

Why do business with AES?

10 reasons why you should do business with us:

  1. We sell AND design AND install a variety of renewable energy systems.
  2. We offer reasonable prices with exceptional customer service.
  3. We have eleven years of solar installation expertise & been living with renewable energy for over 20 years.
  4. Our systems come with a 25-year warranty (PV modules) & a 15-year warranty (inverters).
  5. We will make sure your system is properly designed for power production for life.
  6. We can install data monitoring for superior system maintenance.
  7. We assure professional installation that meets the National Electric Code (NEC).
  8. We offer energy usage consultations including money saving energy audits.
  9. We are a sustainable business approved by Green America.
  10. Solar is more affordable today than it has ever been.

History of Advanced Energy Solutions Group, Inc.

Advanced Energy Solutions Group, Inc. (AES) was founded by Aur Beck in 1999 to provide affordable renewable energy solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. In 2004, after a successful immersion into the Midwestern solar market, AES focused its educational mission by presenting the first renewable energy workshops and seminars in the region. Such educational commitment to the American public was rewarded in 2005 & 2006 when AES won both “Missouri Schools Going Solar” bids for the sale and installation of photovoltaic solar (PV) systems at seventeen K-12 schools in Missouri. This big scale project was a huge success and lead to the creation of The Green Geek Squad™ installer network to further expand the scope of AES throughout the Midwest region.

In 2008, AES undertook hundreds of energy audits for Hoosier Energy in Indiana and powered the Pepsi® Amp Super Bowl Party in the Phoenix stadium with an off-grid bicycle-generated power party. One year later, AES partnered with the John A. Logan community college in Carterville, IL and the Green Institute at the Heartland Community College in Normal, IL to prepare future energy scholars for the NABCEP PV Entry Level test by offering two accelerated Solar Design & Installation courses. For its 10th business anniversary, the company developed an off-the-grid solar trailer that now allows AES to bring education about the feasibility of renewable energy solutions to all the corners in the U.S.

AES continues to energize America on his mission to bring renewable energy to local neighborhoods. Since 1999, Aur Beck has been moderating the “Your Community Spirit” radio show on WDBX to promote eco-social conversation. The company’s ongoing community outreach at a variety of Sustainable Energy Fairs has helped to spread the word about the availability of green technologies in the Midwest. In 2002, Aur Beck assisted in the creation of the Illinois Renewable Energy Association where he holds board membership to this date. Aur also became the President of Southern Sustainability in 2007 and was certified as one of Al Gore’s Climate Project presenters in 2008. AES celebrated its 10th business anniversary by hosting the first Shawnee Energy Festival, and in 2010 Aur Beck was picked to join the Midwest Solar Training Network to share his expertise.

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